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Reviewed by: Kyle Wood
Updated: 06/29/2016

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They may not one of the most common software companies but certainly a name to reckon with once you know what it is capable of. Consumers are starting to want more from their devices. They want the ability to automate their house. They offer many new technologies such as garage and door access, see movement, or keeping track of the daily activities of their families and pets. They are also able to check and control lighting, heating and air conditioning usage, and energy consumption at any time from anywhere using this software.

2GIG Review2GIG is a wireless alarm and home automation platform that is offering advanced safety solutions by upping the game in safety technology. The best description that can be given is ‘smartphone for your residence’. There are select alarm system providers from where you can get the system or, alternatively, go the DIY route. We are going to determine its suitability as a safety product.

2GIG GC3: What is it?

Key Features include a control panel that is loaded with impressive features that are beneficial to the user. Here below are some of the features that highlights the benefits of this device:

• The control pabel is an intuitive color touchscreen that incorporates cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart radio

• The hardwired zones are easily converted to wireless frequency by the Super Switch.

• 24-hour backup through existing hardwire

Image sensor and HD video sensors. This is a unique feature that connects the system with your smartphone so that you can view captured images or videos of your house while you’re away

• The 2GIG go panel syncs with garage door opener technology

Energy intelligent thermostat, wall light switches and door locks are Z-wave equipped and also integrated with 2GIG GC3 control panel

• The key ring remote has buttons for arming,  disarming, garage door opener and emergency. It basically functions like a car alarm

• You can update your system using the USB port that is incorporated into the panel.

The above mentioned are some of the features that define these products.

Which Companies Use 2gig?

If you’re totally against the DIY option, there a select number of providers that use the 2GIG Installer Code and hardware. Other than the obvious benefit of not having to install and maintain the equipment by yourself, you get the added backup of a well known alarm company. Here is a list of some of the big name companies using their technology:

  • Protection One
  • Vivint
  • ASG
  • Link Interactive
  • Monitronics

2GIG Pricing and Packages

2GIG can only be purchased through distributors. A list of distributors can be accessed online on the manufacturer’s website. A user is given the price after setting up an account. However, here below are the general prices:

• Go!Control Panel retails at $286.05/ea.
• Super Switch Wireless Takeover Module retails at $88.40/ea.
• HD Video Camera: $251.20/ea.
• Image Sensor: $174.45/ea.
• Passive Infared Motion Detector: $90.70/ea.
• Glass Breaker Detector: $86.05/ea.
• Door/Window Contact Sensor: $39.55/ea.
• Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector: $104.65/ea.
• Smoke Heat & Freeze Detector: $104.65/ea.
• Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat: $145.35/ea.

2GIG App Features








A manufacturer’s warranty is included although it is very limited. It is usually one or two years depending on the specific device. Remember, if you buy through a dealer, you are likely able to receive some of the equipment for fee or at a discounted price compared to the initial setup cost. Companies like Costco partner with Link Interactive to offer very reasonable packages beginning at $99 which get you one Go!Control Panel, three wireless door/window sensors, a wireless motion sensor, and a wireless smoke/temperature sensor. These are the estimations that you can work with. If you order from a retailer and plan to install it yourself, you might experience some difficulties if you’re not technologically sound. This is one of  the main drawbacks to this system. Other than that, it remains to be pretty good.

Very satisfied with this 2GIG device! I needed a wireless system that wasn’t a piece of junk. Everything about this kit was super easy to install and is easy to use. My favorite part is the vocal chimes that come with it. You can program every device so you know exactly which door or window is being alerted at all times. It works without paying a fee but I ended up signing with the monitoring service so I can be protected even when I’m not present. Very pleased with the purchase and the company! They were polite and very helpful with my questions before I even purchased. Not to mention shipping was really fast!Kat

While the majority of their feedback is positive it certainly does not it’s perfect. Not everyone is 100% satisfied with their purchase as you can see below:

I’ve had the 2gig alarm in my house for a little less than 1 year and I already had to change the batteries. The voice sounds a little cheap, the unit looks kind of cheap, but it is pretty easy to use. Although it can get a tiny bit cumbersome if you try to do something weird and out of the ordinary. The display size was disappointing to me, the screen does not respond to touches and commands as good as my Honeywell. I’m not saying it doesn’t function as a deterrent because it does do that, it just seems like the entire device is just kind of cheap and not a lot of thought went into the style and functionality. It is capable of doing some cool smart automation and seems to have enough features for the money but next time I will spend a tiny bit more and return to my Honeywell.Jordan B



2GIG Review
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