alarm grid security review

Alarm Grid Security Review

Updated: 09/16/2016

4 Star Rating


This company is a relatively new player in the scene and is slowly becoming more and more popular. The company offers both Honeywell and 2Gig equipment, which are very recognized for their high quality and durability. They provide a DIY monitoring plan starting at just $10 per month which will allow their customers to monitor their systems themselves or with a central monitoring station which starts at $15 per month. While DIY monitoring is a cheap alternative to the more expensive professional monitoring, it does put all the responsibility in the hands of the consumer. People who are not comfortable monitoring on their own, or are not willing to pay the extra cash for the professional monitoring option might want to look elsewhere.

Alarm Grid provides a couple of very flexible monitoring options for virtually every budget and lifestyle. Self-monitoring is obviously the cheapest plan, and makes customers monitor their own system by making you responsible for manually having to call the local authorities in the event of a break-in. Like most systems, alerts and notifications can be sent through a text message to any smart phone as soon as an event is triggered. Their basic monitoring service is handled by Criticom Monitoring Services and starts at the low price of $15 per month. The most basic package gives homeowners access to professional monitoring but it does require an active phone line. If your home does not have a phone line then you will need to jump up to Alarm Grid’s Gold plan which uses the popular cellular connection and is definitely recommended. Purchasing the Gold plan also allows you to use all of their home automation features.

As Alarm Grid slowly starts to position themselves as one of the top DIY home security systems in the entire industry, they strive to provide plenty of online and phone support to their customers. Their website features things like video tutorials, a large knowledge base and even a live chat option to help answer any questions and resolve any issues. The majority of customers have praised their customer service as both very responsive and quite informative.

Honeywell Equipment

Here’s some good news, Alarm Grid actually prices their Honeywell equipment lower than the manufacturer’s retail price. Honeywell’s equipment will integrate seamlessly and easily connect with the home automation Z-Wave technology that this company offers. Z-Wave is a newer protocol that enables developers to create a large variety of home automation devices that are compatible with all corresponding systems (thermostats, remote door locks, automated lighting, etc.) For an extra $10 per month you will receive access to your setup via Total Connect, which is Honeywell’s interactive mobile app.

Central Monitoring Station

Alarm Grid has 3 UL-listed central stations located all around the U.S. They are stationed in New Jersey, Florida and California. This company prides themselves in using CMS because they actually have backup locations in the rare event of a natural disaster. Most of the reputable monitoring services like Criticom or Rapid Response are tightly secured and backed up for just such unlikely emergencies.

Self Monitoring Features

DIY Self Monitoring plan has a monthly cost of just $10.
Both E-mail and Text Notifications – Setup instant alerts for any event triggered.
Control Your System Remotely – Use the mobile app to control your system from anywhere in the world.

The Basic Monitoring plan is $15/month and includes:
Detailed Alarm Reports – Has info such as when the alarm was activated or deactivated.
Central Monitoring via Criticom
Possible Homeowner’s Insurance Discount (this is included in almost all alarm systems)

Monitoring Plus+ Features

With the Monitoring Plus+ service you will get all the features of the DIY and Basic Monitoring packages combined with these additional features for $20/month:

  • Personal Weather Reports
  • Important News Reports
  • Traffic Reports
  • Additional Add-Onsalarm grid main control panel

There is also some additional features/equipment you can add-on for an additional $10:

  • Cellular Connection
  • Remote Home Automation Capabilities – Control your Z-Wave connected devices and remotely control your lights, locks and AC.
  • Video Surveillance

Bronze – The basic plan that provides either landline or broadband connection. Self monitored with e-mail and text alerts as well as your standard arming and disarm remote capabilities.

Silver – This package includes the z-wave remote capabilities to enable you to control the home automation features and provides the basic interactive features on the professionally monitored systems.

Gold – This level provides you with the cellular connection and also video/image alerts taken by image sensor equipment.

Platinum – Everything above plus video surveillance as well as some limited video storage capabilities.

pricing features packages

Customer Service Support

Alarm Grid was initially revealed as a web-based DIY home alarm company that gave people an opportunity to create and install their very own safety system with the premium Honeywell and 2Gig equipment. Like I mentioned earlier, they do offer an extensive video tutorial library, detailed setup manuals, a substantial Q&A FAQ, e-mail and phone tech support. For those who are scared by the thought of a self-installed system, you definitely may want to take a look at their website and you will probably soon realize that it really isn’t that hard to setup a system like this.

They boast an A+ BBB rating, and it appears they are doing a good job of supporting and servicing their growing demand. With zero contracts and a 30-day return policy/warranty, there is very little risk or reason for complaints. Customer testimonials are almost all very positive with no complaints whatsoever.

Alarm Grid Conclusion

They offer month to month monitoring plans and are really becoming a premium home alarm solution. Most of the equipment is DIY only and must be purchased separately from the monitoring service you choose which can make the upfront costs higher than most services with free equipment.

While they do offer DIY solutions for as low as $10 a month, it quickly jumps to $35 a month if you want to use surveillance video cameras with your setup. Being a self monitored system, it will not notify the proper local authorities in the event of your system being triggered. It requires you to be available at the time of the event and to be able to respond to any notifications or alerts and then proceed to notify the proper authorities yourself. This can obviously be an issue if you have no service or your phone is turned off.

They do have quite an extensive selection of equipment including both hard-wired and wireless devices. Alarm Grid has done an excellent job keeping up with the demand, bur they are still an extremely new company and have yet to stand the test of time whether or not their customer service and support can continue to receive praise.

They provide a relatively good option for a tech savvy DIY consumer who doesn’t mind setting up the system themselves and purchasing all the equipment up-front. If you aren’t comfortable with setting up your own sensors, connecting devices, and completing power and wiring circuits, you will more than likely be better off with one of our more established alarm companies.

Alarm Grid: Can They Compete?
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