The Best Home Security System's and Reviews 2017

These reviews are based off affordability, features, installation, and a few more variables

Each and every year the security world see's its fair share of changes. New players are always entering the field and it can get quite tedious to sift through and find the top security companies that are truly worth considering to monitor and protect your home. Let's dissect the very foundation of every security company, including their actual monitoring, home automation features and gadgets, and mobile technology. We have determined which particular systems outshine the vast majority of competition in terms of pricing, package customization, equipment quality and usability.

This industry is highly competitive, it offers local mom and pop companies to huge international businesses. Although it is a fairly easy industry to enter into, it is also a very difficult one to offer both great product's and services over the long haul, especially when their is new equipment being released virtually every day. It has undoubtedly become quite difficult to keep up with all the rapid changes and keep track of the latest and greatest house alarm systems.

#1: SimpliSafe

Easy to move: SimpliSafe does not require any of the long-term contracts that are ever so common in this industry, and never will. Originally developed with renters in mind, this system has always been extremely easy to move.

Affordable monthly fee: Literally about half the cost of most home alarm companies, they offer very cheap cellular monitoring at only a measly $15 per month.

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  • Cheapest reliable protection: If a very basic and simple alarm system with zero additional fees besides the original equipment cost is all you are currently looking for, then look no further, SimpliSafe is definitely the best option for your situation. Very similar to Scout, they are one of the only companies to offer equipment that is self-installed so there is no expensive company tech hired to go through your house and help you with the installation. SimpliSafe even uses dedicated cellular communication towers with their monitoring station, which is definitely a big plus. On the flip side, they do not offer Crash & Smash technology, which basically means that if your control panel were purposely destroyed by a would be intruder, it would simply stop relaying any messages to the monitoring center.
  • Absolutely NO contracts: SimpliSafe is also a very popular option because it does not require any contracts and you can even opt-out of having your home being monitored 24/7 by their security monitoring center (this is not recommended). You are also given the ability to upgrade your system at a later date if you so choose, which really makes this service a great choice to get started with a home alarm system. It is important to know that without the 24/7 monthly monitoring package, your system will only act as a local alarm. In the event that your alarm is triggered the siren will still go off but the authorities will not contacted. Endorsed by the famous guru Dave Ramsey for its zero-contract setup, this really is a crowd favorite among DIYers, and families on a more strict budget. It’s still an excellent choice despite being cheaper than almost all your other options.

#2: Frontpoint

Most Trused: Frontpoint is a no-stress, hassle-free, professional home alarm company with a very long history of outstanding customer service. It’s been extremely popular for just about as long as it's been around, and almost everyone who uses it loves it.

  • 100% cellular service: Frontpoint Security offers the best dedicated cellular connection between your equipment and your main control panel, as well as the connection to your monitoring station. Complete cellular monitoring guarantees that when an event is triggered, intruders are unable to cut any wires to halt the call to the appropriate authorities in that critical time of need.
  • Crash & Smash protection: Frontpoint offers their patented Crash & Smash protection services via This essentially means that it is virtually impossible for someone to bust into your house and destroy your control panel, in turn deactivating your whole system. Once the sensor is triggered, it automatically sends a signal to your monitoring station and your alarm is put into a special state to see what happens next. If the monitoring station does not receive the disarm signal, it will assume that something has gone wrong and that the burglar may have tried to destroy or disable your system. Frontpoint will treat this as an intrusion and notify you immediately, while also dispatching the authorities if necessary.
  • Transparent price points: Frontpoint certainly isn't the cheapest option out there, but as usual, you get what you pay for. Because their equipment installation is all DIY, you will not have to pay any pricey installation charges. There is an activation fee though, which they will often waive if you ask politely. We’ve compared their pricing against most of the competing providers on our home alarm comparison page. They also offer a solid 30-day money-back guarantee with no hidden restocking fees or anything. Most providers have small fees or shorter trial periods attached to their so-called “money-back guarantees.” You can also potentially save upwards of $300 on the equipment if you qualify and sign up for the 3-year agreement.

#3: Protect America

Consistency: Protect America has built up quite a solid showcase of products and services, and they have consistently impressed us with their dedication to customer service, especially the team’s willingness to answer any and all questions a customer might have in a timely manner.

  • Transparent pricing: Protect America does not have any installation fees, activation fees, or any other sneaky hidden charges. They have also made quite a few changes over the last year or so that aim to simplify packages and pricing based on their current customer feedback. This really is a great approach for a company to take when figuring out pricing for their services.
  • Low entry price: Protect America’s monthly monitoring fees start at just $19.99 for basic landline monitoring and its main equipment is included in that deal, making it an easy to afford alarm option. They also offer a price-lock guarantee, which means your monthly monitoring charge will stay the same for the entire duration of your signed contract.
  • Lifetime equipment warranty: They are one of the few better alarm companies to actually provide a real lifetime product warranty on their equipment. They also offer free equipment with their standard contracts. Don't forget that you always have to make sure to read your contract carefully and meet all of the requirements for eligibility, which may include things like monthly testing.  However, if you follow all the setup instructions correctly the day you decide to install the system, you will probably not need to use this warranty for quite a few years.
The Best Home Security Systems in 2017
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