Best Outdoor Home Security Cameras in 2016

best outdoor home security cameras review guide 2016Everyone likes to feel safe and protected. There a numerous ways and methods people use to make their home feel safe. Whether it’s just simply keeping the doors locked, investing in a weapon, or even a dog. These methods can all be effective to a certain degree but nothing can give you total comfort and peace of mind like having a surveillance system in place. This enables you to have a complete view of your whole property from inside your home or even when you’re not home.

A complete home security system can be made up of several components depending on the amount of safety features you wish to implement. Included in this list are things like locks, gates, smoke alarms, motion sensors, and of course, surveillance cameras. Many advanced home surveillance systems today come with the option of installing many of these features all together in one big package. Although most of that can be very useful, nothing is more useful than a home surveillance setup.

They will monitor any outdoor area you choose to be appropriate. Some of the most common placements are entrances, walkways,and especially driveways. With that being said, every property is unique, as is every homeowner’s needs, so placement is dependent on the combined total of all these variables. The initial result may be as minimal as a single front entry cam or highly comprehensive, monitoring every angle of your yard and property.

Home Security Surveillance Camera Comparison

All these have different features which will depend upon the homeowner’s needs. This list contains some of the best and most popular outdoor home surveillance cam systems in 2016 but there are still plenty of other brands and models available.

ProductNameResolution/Storage# of camerasWireless?RatingPrice
Annke 4CH720P/1TB4No

GW Security 5upto 1920P/Cloud1No

Amcrest 960H480P/500GB(up to 3TB)4(up to 8)No


TriVision NC-336PW1080P/SD Card/Cloud1Yes

Spy Tec AEON OT1080P/128GB1Yes

Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I1080P or (2048 x 1536)/Cloud1No

Amcrest IP2M-8421080P/Cloud1Yes

Reolink RLC-4111440P/Cloud1No

Vimtag B-1720P/SD Card1Yes

How Do You Know Which System Is Best for You?

Surveillance cameras for outdoor use come in a wide range of models and offer many different features. With so many options to choose from it can become difficult to sift through all the features either provided or not provided by every individual surveillance system. One of the most important things to remember is you don’t have to pay extra for systems that have features that you are not going to use. Find the one that fits your needs and your current home situation. You can definitely save a little money and installation time by knowing what your needs are and focusing in on the product that has those features with no extras. Not every homeowner needs remote viewing or the ability to watch the video stream from outside of the house.

  • Is it an Outdoor Camera?

Before you start looking into any specific home surveillance system you must determine your basic needs. Some are susceptible to moisture and other elements and must be kept indoors, while other surveillance cameras are designed to withstand the cold, rain, heat and other harsh weather. Be warned that many manufacturers try very hard to hide the fact that they are selling CANNOT withstand weather conditions outside and you will just end up wasting your money. It should be clearly stated that the cam is for outdoors and has certain weather-resistant properties.

  • Is it Weather Resistant?

Weather resistant cameras are obviously a must when it comes to these setups. Every outdoor spy camera should have some degree of protection against the weather and the many harsh environments. There are models designed to with-stand every type of climate imaginable whether its rainy, freezing, high temperature, or strong winds. Some security cams even come with thermostatic controls, which actually allow the camera to heat or cool itself to prevent condensation from forming over the lens and obscuring its line of sight. Also, please remember that an outdoor cams should be secure against debris, insects, ultraviolet sun rays and even tamper-proof.

  • Night Vision?

Night vision is becoming a much more popular and widespread feature on most new surveillance cameras. Many people may not even think about this feature but as you can imagine this feature can become pretty important if you want 24 hour surveillance of your property or home. After all, most thieves love to use the cover of darkness to sneak around unnoticed.

Night vision

  • Wireless Spy Cameras?

Wireless home spy camera systems are pretty self-explanatory. Although most wireless surveillance systems are geared toward indoor use, outdoor wireless cameras do exist. Most people assume wireless is always better and consider that an important feature. While wireless systems can certainly be more convenient, they are not always the best choice. Wireless often means worse resolution and playback quality, possibility of signal loss, running out of storage space and so on. Most of the problems encountered from wireless systems are avoided with indoor setups. We do feel that wired solutions may provide just a little more peace of mind for any homeowner once the installation is complete.

  • Video Quality and Resolution?

It is obvious that you will pay more for a higher resolution but it may not always be necessary. In all honesty, you do not need super high-definition quality to see what is happening on your property or inside your home. However, with all the advancements in technology it may be worth it spend the couple extra bucks to see every single detail in great resolution with these new devices.

outdoor security camera resolution

  • Video Storage Type

Having a camera record 24/7 can certainly eat up a good amount of storage space if your recording in high quality. There are several companies that will sell you a cloud based camera in the ~$200 range. The resolution on these are usually 720p or 1080p. Non-stop recording in HD resolutions like this can fill up your storage space very quickly if you are not paying attention. Products like this will offer Cloud(online) storage but they won’t mention you end up paying between $10-20 a month for that storage. This means you could end up paying in $120-$240 a year for the “simplicity” of the setup. Don’t want to pay monthly cloud storage fee’s? Consider buying an outdoor security system with a built in DVR for storage. Another thing to consider is motion sensitive capabilities. These types of cameras don’t start recording at all unless their sensors detect actual movement. This feature would allow you to ensure you aren’t wasting DVR storage or cloud space by recording 24/7. This feature can be very useful in most situations, usually their isn’t much going on when no motion is detected.

motion sensor detector


View On AmazonAnnke surveillance camera review

+ 720P for bigger and detailed image– Cheap cables included
Power over Network Cable: Plug & Play– Software could take some getting used to
HDMI(1080P)/VGA full HD output simultaneously
100ft Superior Night Vision Range with IR-Cut Switch
Email alert & Motion detection

This is an excellent security system and it is being offered at a very reasonable price. This camera is easy to install and includes everything you need. It includes multiple lengthy Cat5 cables, all the proper mounts, all the hardware, and everything else needed to install this easily. The kit even includes a 1TB HDD so you don’t need to buy a seperate storage system. It includes very simple instructions and stickers for your windows. It should only take a couple of hours to install this home surveillance system.

The metal bullet cameras are very well made and can be used either indoors or out. The cameras look very nice in well lit places and look decent in dark places. Don’t expect super HD movie quality video but for a spy surveillance system the video quality is quite good. You can even clearly see what is happening after dark with the handy night vision that is included with the camera.

Mobile App: This camera system can be used like an IP camera via the wireless APP. If you are not home and would like to check in on your property from a different location, a simple click of the APP can show you what is going on. The APP works great on both iOS and Android devices.


GW security 5 camera review

View On Amazon

Super HD 1920P High Resolution Setup can be frustrating
Program Motion Detection & Email Alerts– IR LEDs create a hot spot “ring” when turned on
+ Waterproof & vandal proof camera
+ 42 IR LED, up to 120FT IR Distance
1 Year Warranty and Free Tech Support

This outdoor security camera features a super high quality  metal and glass construction. Features POE and varifocal features which are a must have for serious CCTV installations. Picture is exceptional even in low light with the LEDs off. Automatic LEDs and IR cut work as expected. Adjusting the zoom and focus is not as quick as the other black GW camera.

Setup is very simple, just plug in the connectors, and you’ll have an image. Then adjust the zoom/focus and direction that you want to keep an eye on.

The camera is night-vision capable, with 42 Infrared LEDs. These will glow a dull red in the dark. The camera switches mode to night vision automatically when the light level drops below a certain level. IR illumination distance is rated at 30 meters, but in practice it’s more like 25-30 feet.

So what do you think? Hopefully you are now more knowledgeable when it comes to buying the right outdoor surveillance camera. Depending on your budget and your needs, which camera system will prove right for your home? Before making your final buying decision, we urge you to check out each of these systems above on AMAZON and weigh out the pros and cons that we have listed for you.

Best Outdoor Home Security Cameras in 2016
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