What Attracts Burglars to Try Home Invasion?

Unfortunately, in today’s world there are far too many people who look at your home as simply another burglary target. Blame it on the bad economic situation many people are in or whatever, but there are a ton of burglars out there who find your home very attractive from a home invasion perspective. It’s unfortunate that the home and personal belongings you purchase and enjoy may simply be an easy source for quick money to a burglar.   And that often people want what they can’t afford and may be driven to steal what they want.  Luckily, there are several basic things you can do to minimize the likelihood of becoming part of the burglary statistics. Frequently a would-be home invasion burglar will choose your home mostly because it appears to be easy access to get in and out. The issue is, many homes will present a really good chance for criminals or burglars when looking for a place to burglarize.

Steps to Deter Home Invasion Burglary

home invasion door lock deadboltThere are a couple of low tech preventive measures you can take.  One of the typically overlooked actions are use the locks on your doors. The necessity for good quality deadlocks on your external doors.  The second is A periodic check on all of the windows to verify that they are locking properly and are still adequate in securing your home.  The key is to make sure you are taking all of the home invasion prevention steps to keep undesirable people out of your home.   Further, after securing your home, remember to check any securing mechanisms on any sheds or garages at your home. Burglars are like small and easy to sell lawn and garden tools and equipment.  They also like items such as bike and small electric hand tools.

You also easily increase your safety by investing in a good alarm system.  There is an expense associated with them but far less than the mental anguish and cost of replacing your personal items as a result of a home invasion. However, you should note that most crime victims of home invasion, mention the mental impact and scars that are left long after the incident.  For the members of the household it is usually difficult to recover from feeling victimized.   Additionally, oftentimes the items stolen may have sentimental value to them.

With this in mind, many property owners turn to adding homesurveillance technology tools such as the newer DIY home alarm systems that are monitored to help deter would be burglars.  The appeal of DIY eliminates a stranger having to come into your home learning the layout.

Given the choice between a home monitored by high alarm versus one without, most burglars would choose the unprotected one.  Today most of the DIY home security systems can be monitored which means someone in addition to you has eyes on your home from a command center that is operational 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  They will contact you and/or the police when there is an incident that sets off your alarm.  More home  owners are adding cameras that they can monitor via the web themselves which is an added layer of protection.  You should consider this add on even with a DIY alarm system, if your budget allows, since this is an added expense.


Keeping burglars out of your home using an alarm is fine, but remember to make it difficult for criminals to find out or see what valuable belongings you have and where they are stored.   Use blinds and window coverings to block prying eyes off of your valuables. See the previous article regarding things you can do to make the back of your home less appealing to burglars.   Install bright lighting such as dusk to dawn ones with motions detectors.  This keeps your property well lit, which is a deterrent, in order to minimize dark spots, which thieves like.

Bottom line: There is absolutely no need to knowingly make yourself an easy target for the bad guys. As a home invasion deterrent, take as many of these precautions as possible to send the burglars down the street!

What Attracts Burglars to Try Home Invasion?
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