Canary All-In-One Review
Indoor Wireless Home Security System

Updated: 06/29/2016

3.5 Star Rating


Canary All-in-One home alarm review

Canary Wireless Home Alarm System Reviews:

If i was a shopper currently on the look-out for a DIY home alarm system, I’d certainly be giving the Canary-all-in-one a good, close look. Installed with a HD, night-vision camera and an array of sensors for stuff like motion detection, temperature, and air quality, this device promises to watch over the designated room and alert your cellphone if anything weird is detected. For around $200 and no monthly fees it’s definitely grabbing some spotlight.

Live on-demand video, crisp 1080p video, and instantaneous mobile alerts are all great reasons to consider this system for your DIY smart home protection needs. It is super easy to figure out and installs in minutes. It can help monitor humidity levels, room temperature, and even air quality in your home. It will also let you download and delete specific recorded video. It has a reasonably loud siren(90dB) and of course, a motion sensor. It will automatically arm itself when you leave the house. It is a bit less expensive than most, but that’s because you don’t get all the extra sensors like you do with some other DIY home security systems.


Like most other Web connected surveillance cameras, the canary features basic motion sensing and notifications, but these features seem to rather inconsistent for some customers. Sometimes tiny, inconspicuous movements such as shadows shifting was enough to trigger some false alerts. This could lead to users starting to ignore the notifications they receive, which is basically defeating the whole entire purpose of a surveillance camera.

They say they have been working on this oversensitive problem and recent app firmware updates have indeed helped to reduce the number of false warnings. You also now have the option of picking a specific alert and telling your setup you no longer want to receive that kind of notification. There is even a new sensitivity slider feature in the app to help aid the camera sensitivity. It will take your camera a little bit of time to learn the type of alerts you wouldn’t care to receive. This new learning process really does improve the quality of alerts you get from the device.

The Canary app was great at watching, editing and saving video clips. It was quite a fun experience experimenting with how to locate and manipulate the recorded video clips.

Also, I was immensely impressed by the sound quality that came out of this thing. The voices and words were easily distinguishable on my recorded clips, even with people talking at very soft tones and volumes. The speech was perfectly audible, clear and easily understood. This really speaks to the quality of the mobile app software updates, as well as the components like the microphone in the device itself.

canary all in one kit package


  • 1 year warranty
  • HomeHealth Technology
  • Stream real-time video of your home with it’s 1080p HD camera
  • Super easy DIY setup
  • 90+ dB siren
  • No contract and no monthly fee (due to DIY monitoring)
  • Extremely popular on Amazon with mostly good ratings


  • Battery life can be poor as with most systems like this
  • Not a COMPLETE safety setup
  • App has some bad ratings
  • Seems to go offline sometimes for no apparent reason

What Do Canary All-In-One customers have to say?

I must say i am very impressed with the recent updates and improvements that I needed to start with this. If you read the whole post, you will see that I am not quick to jump in with all positive remarks unless they are completely warranted. I struggled between 4 stars and all 5. The Canary team reached out to me with a really good discussion and I am very happy to say that everything has been working really well for the past couple of weeks now. There were 2 changes and I can’t say exactly what fixed my problem. Coincidentally, there was an app update at the exact time I made some networking fixes. It is not compatible with my 5GHz band and I did have both the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz connection with the same exact password. I presume that it was trying to hop to the other connection randomly sometimes. I have set up a dedicated “guest” account network for the Canary; a specific password just for that 2.4 ghz connection. That did the trick. Everything has been rock solid ever since then. It knows whenever I or my wife leaves and returns, I can consistently replay captured events and live stream is always available. The only reason I didn’t go right to the full 5 stars is because sometimes the cameras live stream takes way longer to load than I would expect but it does work and I must say that this is a solid product. My earlier remarks about the excellent image and sound quality still remain true and this is now a product I can fully recommend. Thank you for listening to me and taking the time to work with me to sort this out.JD
Extremely convenient camera. We purchased this device specifically to watch our pets when we are not home and it works flawlessly for that. The motion notifications are spot on and it’s great to be able to look back at the timeline from the day to see when my dogs were up or sleeping. The camera was super easy to set up and the mobile app is also very user friendly. We’re waiting on the capability to see the live stream from my internet browser, but for now it works great. I also really like that the camera automatically arms itself and disarms itself solely based on your phones location. I never have to remember to turn it on or off. Overall, awesome product!Daniel

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Canary All-in-One Review
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