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Wireless Home Alarm System

Updated: 06/29/2016

4 Star Rating


Fortress home review

Fortress is a highly rated DIY home alarm system provider who sells their kit’s on their online store and via Amazon. You can purchase a basic setup and expand from there or you can buy a more evolved setup straight from the get go. All of the packages they offer are DIY so there are no installation fees. The monitoring is also DIY so you are in charge of contacting authorities if an event is triggered and you are notified.

The Fortress S02-B Wireless Kit undoubtedly delivers on its value with regard to ensuring adequate protection. Despite its relatively low cost, the kit is very effective with it’s loud siren, highly sensitive intrusion detection technology Fortress S02 B Wireless Home Security Alarm System Review, and a super easy DIY installation process. It is definitely a worthy purchase for those keen on effectively averting threats at a very affordable price.

Complete with awesome magnetic sensors for your windows and doors, the unit can sense any break-in attempt as well as any suspicious movement in designated rooms by using the passive motion sensors. It also comes with an extra bonus siren for added deterrent power and volume outdoors.

The Fortress package comes complete with:

  • Main control panel featuring auto-dialer
  • 10 X Door/Window contacts
  • 3 X Passive motion detectors
  • 1 X Panic Button
  • 1 X Loud, 140dB siren (approx. 30 inch wire)
  • 1 X Extra outdoor siren (includes approx. 5 ft 110v wall adapter)
  • 1 X Panic button
  • 3 X Keyfobs to activate / deactivate
  • 4 X Warning Stickers (two for windows, two for doors)

Fortress pricing and packages

Fortress Pricing

The pricing can vary quite a bit from each package. Let’s take a look at some of the packages they offer:

Einstein 2 – $374.99

Einstein 3 – $364.99

Main differences between these two plans include:

  • There is only a measly $10 price difference
  • Einstein 2 features a separate cellular connection and Einstein 3 does not
  • Einstein 3 has a glass break sensor and an outdoor strobe while Einstein 2 has neither of those features

You’re basically going to be paying $10 more for less equipment, but you will now be able to receive a phone call or text notification to your cellphone.

Einstein 7000 – $684.99

Einstein 8000 – $584.99

As you can see these packages are a bit pricier and also have some differences:

  • $100 price bump this time
  • Einstein 7000 features an extra key fob and an extra wireless remote control pad
  • The Einstein 8000 features a smoke detector, a gas detector and a panic button


  • 3 year warranty on all equipment and a nice 45-day equipment return policy
  • One of the best DIY deals around
  • Live technical support and videos to help you install and program your new device
  • Customer service is regarded as some of the best
  • You can purchase many additional accessories to customize your setup
  • No contract and no monthly fee (due to DIY monitoring)
  • Amazon seller rating of 4.9 out of 5


  • Battery life can be poor as with most packages like this
  • Siren delay is 1 minute vs usual 30 seconds
  • Website seems out-dated
  • Pricing for some of the kits can get pretty steep

Fortress Customer Service Reviews: What do they have to say?

I ordered this wireless device and it arrived very quickly. It is an excellent setup for the price. I like the feature where you may activate it using different zones for the different sensors. At night or when im at home I can just hit the HOME button on the remote and can still walk around my house without setting off the loud siren because the motion detectors are in a completely separate zone. The doors and windows are in a different zone so they can actually still warrant a response. When I leave the house I can hit the AWAY button and EVERYTHING is activated automatically. The siren is also very loud. I ordered the extra outdoor siren to fully cover the front and back of my residence and also ordered a extra motion sensor so now I feel very safe when im away from my home. Both the outdoor siren and motion detector also arrived promptly. The manual was somewhat confusing though, but the excellent service I received from Mike, who I think owns the company, was just great. He returned my calls quickly and patiently went through each and every step of the install process with me. I was definitely impressed with this customer service and is partly why I would rate this device as EXCELLENT. The price is really quite reasonable for how this kit performs. I have not yet got to installing the phone feature though, but I’m pretty confident that if I run into any problems I can expect great help again from the support staff. You can’t go wrong with this device. great product, affordable price and excellent customer support service!Robert
We use this virtually every single night and every time we leave the house attended. It works just flawlessly and really adds greatly to our sense of safety and well being. It came pre-programmed which made set up that much easier (only about 2 hours). Although the equipment that comes with it are enough for almost any house, I got several additional sensors that I was able to program with ease, including a glass break sensor for our picture windows. Customer service support is great, if you have any questions. If you have pets, make sure you use the “at home” setting rather than the “away” button to avoid the motion detectors from going off all the time. All the “entry” contacts are still active, so my house is really just as safe and protected if you have the automatic phone notification set up.sojae

Check out more details below in their store via Amazon:

Fortress S02-B Alarm Review
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