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Frontpoint DIY Security Review
Are They Really The Best?

Reviewed by: Kyle Wood
Updated: 06/2/2017

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What you should know about Frontpoint 

They are known to provide world class customer service backed by their risk free 30-day trial. Their mission plan is to deliver an unforgettable customer experience and a safer, smarter, simpler alarm solution for every unique individual’s needs. They provide a wide range of wireless sensors to detect any possible signs of foul play. Whether it’s a door opening unexpectedly, a window being broken, carbon monoxide in the air or even water on the floor. They have really taken the initiative to turn this setup into a fully automated smart home technology system.

They currently offer three powerful packages to choose from: Protection, Interactive, and the Ultimate package. The monthly prices for these monitoring packages range from $34.99 up to $49.99. These packages are all 100% cellular, with the higher priced options offering additional features and devices like automated light and temperature controls along with indoor and outdoor video surveillance.

Frontpoint security always uses completely wireless equipment that is backed by cellular monitoring. Cellular monitoring uses a wireless signal exactly like your cell phone would. However, unlike a cell phone, it can and will work even if you have a very weak signal. Cellular monitoring is an important choice for alarm systems because Wi-Fi is often unreliable.

From a safety perspective, this implies a couple different things; There is obviously no way that a would-be intruder could simply snip a wire and disable your whole service seeing as it is after all, wireless. This is different from many older alarm systems that still rely on landline connections. It also means that your system will work even if your internet/Wi-Fi crashes. This is because the system is not relying on your personal internet, instead it is relying on a cellular chip that is built into the main hub. As a matter of fact, their system will work even if your power also goes down thanks to the battery backup feature and all your wireless battery powered sensors.

frontpoint reviews

What is Rapid Reponse?

They use Rapid Response for all of their central monitoring. Boasting a state-of-the-art 40,000 square foot alarm headquarters located in New York. Rapid Response is actually just one out of about eleven central monitoring stations approved in New York City. In addition to the basic fire alarm calls, Rapid Response will also monitor burglary, medical signals and alerts, and even offers GPS tracking. Rapid Response does monitoring for military, commercial, and residential locations. The video and voice data they receive are processed by highly trained individuals to ensure the best action is taken depending on which call or alert is received. Check out the Rapid Response website for more information.

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cellular connection

Medical Alert 

Most other companies charge a surplus for Medical alerts or don’t have one at all.  All Frontpoint security systems include this monitoring built into the plan and at no extra cost. Medical pendants are often overlooked by people and they do come in handy quite a bit. If your going to attempt to protect your home from break-in’s why not protect it from other potential disasters?

Cellular Connection

So I would just like to reiterate this point, the best communication method is a dedicated cellular line between your main control panel and the central monitoring station. No lines can be cut with cellular and that is why it’s standard for all monitoring communication. They even use broadband as a last resort backup in the off chance that the cellular services break down.

  • DIY or Professinal? Which is it?

A relatively new face in the alarm service department, Frontpoint security has managed to successfully push the DIY approach to mainstream alarm system installation. They are often seen as catering to a younger, more mobile type of people usually including apartments and renters because of how easy they have made it to move your whole system if need be. They offer a sleek, quick fix for both basic and advanced home security. Today they are extremely well known for their highly-rated great customer support, high satisfaction ratings, and a DIY user-friendly systems that makes life easier for many happy consumers. Also, check out the LiveWatch Review for another quality DIY system.

They offer extremely easy step-by-step installation, they are very friendly, and they are even known to be very flexible with their prices and contracts.  Usually, if you are willing to pay more upfront, they offer a 1-year contract with any monitoring package you choose.  There are absolutely no installation fees, and they understand the value of awesome customer service.  The U.S BBB has even said they have a “commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints.” Another one of the major selling points is their 30-day risk free guarantee, a customer can try them out and see for themselves what the hype is all about. They have quite a loyal following and their customers have continued to rate them highly and applaud their exceptional service.

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Cost: Zero Installation Fee

With them you get the ability to install the system by yourself. This may seem like a daunting task to some but it really isn’t, you don’t have to be an expert electrician. The whole system is virtually wireless and will only take about 30 minutes to set up on average. You can even opt to have a representative walk you through the whole process over the phone, so it’s pretty much impossible to screw up. Your service will be pre-configured for your needs and is comprised of GE equipment usually with a 2-year warranty.

They use the latest and greatest GE Wireless technology. This alone is enough to make the installation an amazingly simple and easy DIY job. You may place the different sensors and equipment items in your designated spot and they will remotely program every item for you. In just a matter of minutes, you can have your alarm sensors, camera surveillance feeds, and light control ready to command from your very own mobile phone.


They exclusively use wireless GE equipment and allows you customize your system to include as many or as few devices and features as you need. For invasion protection, it may come with both indoor and outdoor cameras, door and window sensors, glass break detection, multiple motion detectors, garage door sensors and of course, extremely loud sirens as a deterrent. With such a vast variety of devices, they can help you create the perfect alarm system for your needs.

frontpoint security equipment control panel

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glass break image sensor

Main Control Panel

The Main Touch-Screen Control Panel is basically the brain of your entire system. This is what connects all the sensors and communicates with Frontpoint wirelessly using their secure cellular connection. This simple yet elegant touch-screen interface puts total control of your entire service at your fingertips.


Motion Sensor

We all know this one. Motion Sensors effectively protect large rooms and popular areas around your house. Try to use them to reduce the number of window sensors you install. Motion Sensors are very simple and very effective. However, your own movement around your house will set them off so if you regularly arm your security system while still at home, window or Glass Break Sensors might be a better option.


Glass Break Sensor

Glass Break Sensors can effectively be used to protect large, more open areas with multiple windows. This can prevent the need from placing a regular window sensor on every window in the room. As long as there is a clear line of sight path between the glass break sensor and the window, you are covered.

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window door sensor

recessed door sensor

Light Control

You have the ability to easily turn on or off your lights and/or small appliances from virtually any location as long as you have internet access. If you happen to be out of town and want to make it appear that your residence is occupied, or if you just forgot to turn off the TV, you can easily do so from your smartphone or any web-enabled device for that matter.


Window/Door Sensor

You use these common sensors to protect basically anything in your house that opens and closes. Typical alarm systems will have one for the front and one for the back. It is also common to place sensors on first story floor windows. A Frontpoint customer can save money by using the glass break sensor in large rooms with many windows. Which are do you want the most secure? If anyone opens that drawer, door or window you can opt to receive a notification immediately.

Recessed Door Sensor

These nifty little door sensors are actually installed inside the door frame. They can  pack a huge when it comes to protecting your house. These are superior to the original door sensors because they are basically impossible to see, no one will be able to access your sensors.

frontpoint best outdoor security camera review

frontpoint best indoor security camera review

frontpoint best thermostat control review

Outdoor Surveillance Camera

This is exclusive to Frontpoint’s Ultimate plan. Like everything else, it has wireless capabilities, so you won’t need to run cables around the house and outside. The camera is weatherproof and also works perfectly in below freezing temperatures. Oh, and it has night vision.

This enables you to watch footage from your cameras whenever you want. Motion at your house can be set to trigger a recording, text or e-mail letting you know some video has been recorded.

Indoor Surveillance Camera

Their mobile app and web portal are key to interactive video monitoring. The live feed will send to your computer or smartphone on demand. The video feed does not in fact send to the monitoring service, instead you control all access in your MyFrontpoint account. In addition to live streaming, the camera also generates a video clip when it detects motion.


Everyone likes to save money and use less energy, right? They offer a remote thermostat controller to adjust temperatures to your perfect level. Thermostat control is always a smart addition to a vacation or rental property.

They seem to also make an honest effort to constantly improve their equipment and technology. Current customers now have the opportunity to upgrade their existing control panel to the Qolsys’ IQ Touch Screen Display for free. This control panel creates an interface that makes complete system functionality and integration much easier to navigate than before. The panel is compatible with all existing sensors and is designed to support the newest advancements in sensor technology.

In addition to the updated panel, they have also introduced their new and improved image sensor. This is an advanced motion sensor complete with an on-board surveillance camera that takes a picture when motion is detected. The picture will then be sent to the homeowner. The installation is super easy and does not even require wires for setup. The sensor can be mounted at any angle to ensure that all possible activity is recorded. The images can also be viewed on the Control Panel.


The features of this updated control panel include:

  • A 7-in. LCD resistive touchscreen display (800 x 480 resolution)
  • Capable of supporting up to 39 different sensors
  • 91 decibel internal siren
  • 24-hour back-up battery
  • Tabletop stand and a wall mounting kit
  • SD card slot
  • Weather application is included
  • Surveillance camera app and front-facing camera

Frontpoint Control Panel: Can it be Targeted?

frontpoint crash and smash home security review

Crash and Smash Protection

Purchasing either the Interactive or Ultimate package will give your control panel the advantage of using’s patented Crash and Smash Protection. If an intruder attempts to destroy your alarm a soft alert is sent to the monitoring center. If the panel ends up being destroyed the soft alert quickly becomes an active alert and the monitoring center will dispatch help.

If the alarm is disarmed with your security code, the alert will be cleared. However, if the system is not properly disarmed with the security code the system assumes an intrusion has occured and alerts the monitoring center.

So How Much Does Frontpoint Security Cost?

frontpoint home security plans and pricing

Protection – $35

This is a beginner-level package that still provides 24/7 professional monitoring, but none of the bells and whistle’s. The plan is still setup to monitor for burglaries, medical emergencies, and even fires.

Interactive – $45

This is definitely their most popular plan. The interactive plan adds in cellular alerts and some automation. If you want to take advantage of home automation you need to purchase this package or the next step up. In total the plan provides you with Crash & Smash protection, e-mails, text alerts, remote access via app or web, alarm history, some basic light control, and the ability to track visitors or your family.

Ultimate – $50

This plan includes everything stated in the Protection and Interactive plans, but delves deeper into home automation and video surveillance. This plan features live and recorded security camera video surveillance, temperature control, and door lock automation.

  • Frontpoint Customer ServiceBest in the Business

Frontpoint security is known for it’s great customer service experience. Customer service is their livelihood, and they take it seriously. It is no surprise they hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and have accumulated thousands of positive reviews online. They offer a vast number of online self help videos as well. They are the very definition of customer service. No more surprises, random hidden fees, or shady contracts to sign. They know what people want.

They are a nationwide provider. This is another reason that they are so popular with renter’s and vacationer’s.

  • Fully Compliant in All 50 States
  • Free Standard Shipping
  • Great for Renters and Homeowners
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Winner of Multiple Customer Service Awards
  • Frontrunner for the past 3 year’s
  • 30 Day Risk Free Trial
  • Unbeatable customer service
  • 100% wireless sensors
  • Interactive monitoring via app and your Smartphone
  • Dedicated cellular monitoring service
  • Almost unlimited amount of sensors
  • Crash and Smash Technology
  • Home automation controls
  • Super Easy DIY installation
  • They are active on social media
  • They also cover Canada

Frontpoint Security Review Verdict

By now you know Frontpoint security is recognized in the alarm industry for their excellent customer service. With features like 100% wireless and easily movable/removable equipment. They are THE DIY home alarm system. There are enough variety of sensors to provide any lifestyle with safety in just about any house. The automation aspects utilize a new up and coming industry standard, Z-Wave technology. This all cellular plan with a one year instead of a three-year contract is what people really love.

The 30-day free trial obviously also helps attract new customers, and most never leave.

The only way they might not be for you is if you do not like DIY, and do not want to pay for the equipment up front.


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