Break Ins and Home Invasion A New Security Risk

Sometimes it is a burglary that happens to us or someone we know tells us home invasion stories of others who have been burglarized it appears that it is a part of modern life and the society we live in today. This type of crime will always happen and this is especially the way it is when people are going through hard times. There is no basis to truly predict when anyone will break in.  But if you understand that these days the probability of a burglary is on the rise and can happen in any neighborhood at any time you can better take action to prevent home invasion.  Also, we can take steps to make sure that if and when it an attempted break in occurs, it will be very difficult for the culprit to succeed. For those who are not able to afford an alarm, or even high tech diy home security systems with surveillance or monitoring, there are still ways that you can learn how to protect your home. We will take a look at a few ways that we can protect our home from and save ourselves of becoming part of the many burglary statistics.

Simple Home Invasion Preventive Measures

home invasion tips help basics guideOf course there are times when your residence is more vulnerable to criminal activity which is why so many folks have started installing diy home security systems with a loud alarm. A typical time when your home is not secure is if you’re away on vacation or a weekend break. Should you be heading off for an extended period of time, you should let your neighbors and even your local policing agency know.  They may be able to patrol or check by every so often to see that your home remains locked and free of home invasion burglars. If you leave a contact number with them where they can either reach you or a nearby family member, this will provide extra peace of mind for you so that you can enjoy your trip.

A relatively low-tech home invasion prevention tool is that you can install timing devices that at a particular time automatically turn on the lights. This will give the impression that people are in the home. Timers can also be utilized for other electrical equipment such as a radio, sound system or even TV with some of the new smart home software for instance and that should generate some noise in the house which all adds to the illusion of your home being occupied. Thus lowering the likelihood of a break in.

When someone approaches your house who is intent on committing a burglary can be off putting if security lights are motion activated.  Some people purchase other burglar deterrents such as purchasing a fake dog bark machine that helps most people prevent becoming a home invasion statistics and will deter most burglars.  The average home invasion burglar is looking for an easy target with no hassles of chance of discovery.

Just in case you experience a burglary, make sure to take precautions to put away important items and never leave any letters or documents in view with sensitive information that may be of interest to a home invasion thief. You should also get yourself a safe or lock box of some sort to hide any valuable item such as fine jewelry.  If you are travelling, you may also consider putting your mail on hold at the post office so it doesn’t pile up which is another tip off to burglars no one is going to be  home for a while giving them greater opportunity to try to gain access to your home.


Ideally, you should make sure that your residence has easy visibility out in the front of the home and more difficult to gain access to it from the rear. When your home has an open type of design and layout, neighbors can readily see if someone is approaching and or poking around your home. At the rear of the home, you want to make sure you have checked and secured fences, replaced missing boards etc. and even install thorny shrubbery to make it hard or at least very uncomfortable for the burglar to jump over. In the event you put a warning on the outside of the fence that you have some sort of protection on your property e.g. alarm or dog, then hopefully this will persuade any would be criminal that your home is not worth the trouble and aggravation to burglarize.

As you can see that even when you cannot afford to have a diy home security system, you can still protect your property from a home invasion!

Simple Tips to Help Prevent Home Invasion
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