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Updated: 06/29/2016

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So, how much does an alarm system camera cost today? Not a penny, thousands of families are using a complete free alternative called Alfred. Got an old or unused smartphone laying around? turn it into a surveillance camera. Your smartphone is more versatile and powerful than virtually all cameras in the current market. If you are looking for a home surveillance camera or even a baby monitor, this has you covered. With this app you can do most of the things that cheap basic DIY home alarm system will give you.

It is an Android app that enables video monitoring by turning your old phones into a mini surveillance camera, baby monitor, nanny cam, CCTV alternative, IP camera, web cam, wi-fi camera and a basic home alarm system

alfred ip cam camera surveillance review

It is a completely free mobile app that turns your smartphones to home safety devices and gives you the ability to be in the know anywhere you are, 24/7. The motion detection and push notification features alert you when something is detected. The Alfred IP Cam APP was also just actually released in the iTunes store as well.

You will not find video surveillance that’s easier to set up than this. Install the mobile app on both your old phone and your current phone. One is your new IP camera and your current phone will be used to Monitor the system. Log in with the same E-mail and voila, you are now connected to your Alfred cam through WiFi or 3G/4G from anywhere in the world. Alfred even has a motion detector feature and you will be alerted with photo’s if it picks anything up.

Does It actually work?

  • Very easy to use and usually doesn’t even require directions.
  • Supports multiple screens and multiple surveillance cameras.
  • It is perceptive and you get videos from it when motions are detected.
  • It is has a 2-way talk feature allows you to warn intruders.

What Exactly can IP Camera Alfred do?

  • Act as your baby and pet monitor. It makes sure you are the first one to know if your baby is crying or your pet’s are causing trouble. Using it’s motion detector, it will send you a motion detection message right away.
  • Be your office surveillance camera and manage your staff and visitors.
  • Your nanny cam. It makes this task super easy and it is always nice to keep a watchful eye.
  • Your complete home surveillance system. Alfred will protect your doors and garage from any potential unwanted visitors. If your children are on their way home from school, if there is any suspicious looking people around, or if anyone stepped foot on your property and you want to know. Alfred ensures that you are alerted during any of these times and can keep you out of harm’s way.

It will guard your doors and garage to see if you get any visitors, if your kids got home, suspicious people around, or pretty much anyone around your doorstep. It makes sure that you are alerted when there is an intruder or any suspicious activity. It is your spy cam. It will collect photos and footage wherever you put it. You can even attach a fish-eye lens to your phone to make a wide-angle view. And don’t worry about wall sockets and chargers, a mobile battery or a battery power bank might also be a very viable option.

What are you waiting for? Turn your old smartphone into a WebCam or surveillance camera and start watching over your home 24/7, and send you alerts if something comes up.

Can’t really find a more affordable product than Alfred. Your phones have some pretty awesome camera’s so don’t just let them sit around. You could buy refurbished phones, second hand phones, or even re-purpose old broken phones at little or no cost and receive some decent home protection.

I personally have found this app to be fun, stable and useful. I, like most people, had a spare android phone so I thought I would give it a shot. App seem’s pretty secure and reliable and has always worked great for me. For something so simple and easy to set-up the extra little bit of safety you feel from it is quite amazing.

Not only does it take photo’s to alert you, you can also pick which cam to use on your phone. I look forward to seeing future development’t in this app and am curious what it may lead to.

Alfred IP Surveillance Camera
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