Burglary Statistics: Do You Need Home Safety Devices?

Adding a wireless home alarm system can be one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to protect your home and loved ones from both burglaries and from common emergencies. From home safety to full on home automation, today’s equipment is more advanced, affordable and easier to use than ever.

Finding the right wireless technology doesn’t have to be confusing as some people think. Our collection of articles, tips and detailed company reviews can help you make an informed smart decision.  Regardless of your budget or level of technological expertise, making the plunge into home protection really has become extremely easy.

Burglary Data: Should You Consider Protection?

Safety.  Today’s devices are becoming more and more effective at deterring intruders and alerting you in case any emergency arises. With upper middle class residential neighborhoods being the fastest growing home owner’s market, at risk homes are increasing everyday. Let’s look at some burglary stats and numbers:

      • Over 2 million burglaries take place each year in the United States alone
      • 740 burglaries per 100,000 people and this is increasing every single year
      • A burglary takes place about every 12 seconds with the average loss clocking in at around $2,000
      • 62.4% of all robberies are due to forcible entry into the home
      • 65.8% occur in homes at residential neighborhoods
      • 62% of all break-in’s surprisingly take place during the daytime*
      • Over 50% of all burglaries occur while the owners are home
      • Homes without protection are 3x more likely to become a burglary victim
      • You can save up to 20% off your home insurance premiums*

*(2003 FBI Uniform Crime Reporting 2003 publication)

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How Much do Home Monitoring Alarm Companies Charge?

Costs for 24 hour home monitoring vary based of several factors. The company, the plan, the equipment, the contract, etc. can all effect how much you will pay to keep your home secure. You will need to add everything up to get a conclusive answer including the hardware, installation, and monthly monitoring costs.  Just like other recurring monthly services you already use it is wise to take a look at your contract’s exact terms and total operating costs.

Most home monitoring alarm companies like Protect America, ADT, and Protection One operate on a 36-month contract.  While most newer devices have monthly fee’s in the $30-$45 range, be sure to always compare plans, equipment and features against it’s competitor’s. A small difference in a contract can add up to a lot over 36 months.

Home safety really isn’t that expensive if you consider that you’ll likely spend less per month on your alarm system than you do on your local phone service or basic cable bill.

Types of Systems – Quickly Explaining the Basics

There are 2 basic types of devices.  While they offer very similar capabilities and features, the costs can actually vary quite substantially.

Wireless Packages:

It is no surprise that wireless devices are soaring in popularity in recent years, they are incredibly easy to install yourself and provide the same 24 hour burglary monitoring that the big name expensive companies have. These literally can be installed in about an hour or even less. Frontpoint is currently are highest rated service and is actually completely wireless and also DIY.

Hard Wired Devices:

These are the old-school traditional hard-wired alarms.  They almost always require installation from a professional and operational costs typically run more expensive than wireless options.

Do You Really Need A Home Security System?
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