Home Invasion – It Wont Happen to you, Right?

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  • “Well, my home isn’t a target”

Wrong! Every single home is a potential home invasion target for burglars and thieves. Most burglars will monitor activity in and out of the house, and pick a good time accordingly to break in.

  • “My dog will protect my home”

Although a big, mean-looking dog can definitely deter theft, you must remember they are still just animals and can be easily distracted. Dogs are always looking for treats, whether that be home cooked left-overs, dog biscuits, or a multitude of other things. It is not impossible for burglars to throw the dog a hefty snack to keep it distracted while they raid your home.

  • “Alarm systems are too expensive”

Don’t be this person. There are affordable home alarm systems, especially in today’s technological world. It’s as simple as shopping around and finding the one that suits you. Many companies offer a wide variety of packages with different costs and equipment. Besides, isn’t any money spent on home alarm worth keeping your family, belongings and home safe?

  • “My neighbors can watch over my home”

Not really. Are you constantly watching your neighbor’s house? Even neighbors that are home all day have lives. Odds are they won’t see burglars breaking in while they are busy with their day to day tasks. For obvious reasons burglars tend not to make a big scene when they enter your home uninvited. Your neighbor would have to be pretty vigilant to catch the burglar.

  • “My home is safe during daylight and i’m home at night”

Half of all burglaries occur during the daytime hours of 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Not all intruder’s are dumb, they do realize that most people go to work. If they have done their research, they most likely have been watching your schedule anyway and know when you will be gone. In reality, home invasion can happen at any time.

  • “That alarm equipment is too complicated”

Honestly, home alarm kits are really not that hard to figure out and setup. Really basic stuff once you learn how all the equipment works. Play around with the keypad and feel comfortable arming and disarming your alarm system. The features are usually basic and just require a quick skim of the manual. Almost all companies offer some sort of help as well if you do happen to have trouble.

  • “What if my power goes out? My system won’t work”

Most alarm devices come with a backup battery precisely for this purpose. If the power goes out, this battery usually automatically kicks in. Most new wireless devices allow you to monitor your home alarm system with your cell phone, meaning if your landline is cut you can still contact your local authorities.

  • “You can’t trust wireless devices”

This isn’t the stone age anymore, technology has drastically improved. When wireless systems first came out, they may have been unreliable and the frequencies were easily interrupted. Today most home alarm services use a combination of wireless and cellular connections making the networking error’s almost non-existent.

  • “But I live in a safe area, I don’t need one”

Some people like to think they could basically leave their door wide open and a home invasion would never occur. This may be true in some cases but despite how safe your residential area is, any home is a target for a break in. Burglars don’t discriminate against where your home is located. Sometimes even the safest cities have the most atrocious crimes.

  • “I really don’t have anything expensive in my home that anyone would want to steal”

How do the burglars know that? burglars aren’t picky when it comes to home invasion. They want your everyday things that almost everyone owns. Computers, TVs, DVD players, cash, drugs, jewelry, etc.

These are some of the most common mistakes that people believe in before becoming a victim and eventually buying a home protection system.

What Makes You A Target?
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