Home Security Tips: Simple and Easy Ways to Protect Your Home

1.) Make your home look and sound occupied even when your not home.

A. Use one of our automated home systems turn lights on and off automatically.
B. Cancel newspaper and other daily deliveries.
C. Lock all windows and doors.

2.) Make sure your locks work.

B. Test the doorknob locks your are using now.
C. Once you lock it try to push the bolt back into the door. If you can push the
bolt back into the door, then it is NOT SAFE.

3.) Don’t label your house and car keys.

A. If you lose them, a simple check of the phone book will tell a burglar where to visit.
B. Color code keys to avoid burglars from identifying them and particular doors.

4.) Don’t put your name on the mailbox or the front door/yard.

A. A burglar can “case” your home, then call on the phone to see you’re home.

5.) Make sliding glass doors more secure.

A. This is a burglar’s favorite entry point. Usually they are fairly hidden and uneasily seen from
neighboring homes.
B. Use one of our motion detection floodlights in backyards or other secluded areas.

6.) If a dog is welcomed at your house, great.

A. Burglars and thieves will avoid angry or barking dogs.

7.) Leave some outdoor lights on when away.

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A. Many Security companies provide home automation lighting so you can remotely turn them on and off.
B. Our motion detector lights are very helpful. They automatically come on when nearby
movement occurs and you’ll be able to catch would be theives on camera!
C. During the day, leave drapes and blinds open so movement inside can be detected.

8.) Look after your neighbors and have them look after you.

A. If you see anything suspicious, call the police or sheriff.
B. DON’T intervene in an incident. You might get hurt.

9.) Contact your local PD and let them know when you are away from home.

10.) Don’t leave tools, ladders, or anything that might be used by a burglar lying outside.

11.) Inventory your property, tools and valuables. Engraving your drivers license or SSN will aid in the recovery of stolen property.

12.) Use a SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX for valuables.

12 Easy and Practical Home Security Tips
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