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Updated: 06/29/2016

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Intelius ReviewWe live in a digitally advanced world where one can literally do any and everything online. The Internet is most commonly used for entertainment, keeping up with your friends,  finding suitable dates, getting help with your homework, as well as shopping. However, you wouldn’t believe how much personal and useful information can be found floating around online with websites like Intelius. The Internet has made your life far more convenient than a man from the past could have ever imagined. You liked the dress your friend is wearing at a party and you simply open your phone and order it by making a few clicks and within a few days the dress arrives right at your doorstep. You can hear too many people highlighting the negative impacts of the internet and social media but little do they know about the myriad of ways the internet has revolutionized their lives.

Another exceptional advantage of the internet involves being able to run a background check. It is a very useful service that many online companies provide in order to help you know more about the different potential employees you may need to interview. A potential suitor or boyfriend who has been asking you out for too long or a tenant you are going to rent your house to are also good examples of how background checks can be extremely useful for some people or companies. Google searches can only help you find their social media accounts or very general information, but when you want to extract deeper information about a person only they can help you get your desired questions answered. Although accuracy can vary from one such company to another greatly so it would be unwise to solely rely on the information you may dig up from a background check.

Overview of the Company

They are a company that offers background check that provides information about a person by accessing sources that others cannot even pursue. It is a commonly used website as it easily gained fame after its conception. It will help you find a great deal of information about the person you are considering to hire or about the criminal records of a boyfriend who has been stalking you for a while but you are doubtful about dating. They are also an ideal website for homeowners as it can help them easily extract information about likely tenants who are interested in renting their house. Renting your home is a very big decision as you have to give a major chunk o your savings to someone else so it is always good to confirm if you are giving your house in the right hands or not. Intelius background check is ideal for such people as it will greatly help in imparting important details about the possible tenants. In addition to this, it is also very useful for people who are looking for a job and have to appear in an interview. Prior to the interview, people might want to confirm what kind of background information can the bosses extract about a person so they can use this site to extract information about themselves and see if they have a clear record or not. They give information about the age, date of birth, residences, and possible cities of visit etc. Although the accuracy cannot be completely trusted as it is not 100% but they have managed to maintain a good name among the top background check companies.

Benefits of Intelius Premier:

This background check company really does have a ton of benefits. It boasts to be better than its rivals because it touches sources of information that its rivals cannot touch. If you want to consider this website for background check, then here are some benefits that you need to keep in your mind before reaching a decision:

  • They offer a wide range of search options. It has a broad array of search options between which you can choose according to your will. The quality of being broad-based is what tempts you to choose it over others and helps them make it to the list of top background check online companies.
  • It has an easy to use user interface. The interface of a website is very important as it is through the interface that the website interacts with visitors. The interface needs to be intuitive and easy to navigate so it is both user-friendly as well as helps drive greater traffic and retain visitors.
  • Intelius also has a mobile application.

Nowadays no one switches on their laptops or desktop computers especially to log onto the internet and most people use their smartphones. The best thing about them is that it is available on your smartphones as a mobile phone application so that you can simply use the application anywhere and anytime you like without having to make any extra efforts.

Intelius Prices and Packages

Disadvantages of Intelius:

In order to make a final wise decision whether to rely on them for checking special details about a specific person or not, we need to be well informed about both the pros as well as cons of this website. So before making a people search, you need to know about these drawbacks of the company:

  • They faced a number of legal issues and controversies regarding privacy concerns. A background check can only reveal a certain amount of information about an individual and if it crosses its limits then it invites controversy and problems. The same is the problem with Intelius premier which faces complaints of violating the privacy of certain individuals.
  • It quotes inaccurate data at times because of faulty sources. When a woman’s background data was searched by wall street journal through people search, it was revealed that that it quoted inaccurate places where the woman was supposed to live although she never moved out of her hometown. Thus, it was because the woman had a peer with the same name and the website confused data.
  • Intelius is very costly. As compared to other similar sites like NetDetectors and PeopleFinders, they charge up to $19.9 per month while NetDetectors offers unlimited searches for first three years at a rate as low as $29.95.

Intelius Reviews: Final Verdict

It is not a very reliable website as the information acquired cannot be trusted completely. One needs to hire a professional for extracting first hand and authentic background check for a person.

Intelius Review
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