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Protection One Review

Updated: 07/8/2016

3.5 Star Rating


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This company was founded back in 1988 and is currently one of our nation’s largest home security alarm system providers. They offer professional alarm systems for both business and home owners. Protection 1 tries to seperate themselves from the competition by having the best possible customer service they can. They are actually the only alarm company i know of to maintain an A+ BBB rating year after year while actively employing the door-to-door salesmen approach. They also boast a 95.6% customer satisfaction score which is obviously quite impressive. While having top notch customer service is great and all, the equipment and service packages also help determine whether their systems will meet your unique needs. Our Protection One review will hopefully provide all the necessary information you will need to make a smart buying decision.

About the Company

Protection 1 Security Solutions is actually the 2nd biggest company in the security space throughout the entire United States. They were founded by the PacifiCorp West Coast Utility Company and have dual headquarters both in Lawrence, Kansas and Romeoville, Illinois. PacifiCorp later on merged with Westar Energy, which skyrocketed the growth of this company.

I would say they are more recognized by business owners instead of home owners as they tend to specialize in many aspects of business security alarm systems. With that being said, they do have a huge number of over 2 million residential customers currently residing in the United States. They feature many different monitoring centers and business offices across the U.S. in an attempt to reach as many new potential customers as possible. If you are the type of person who is going to constantly need support, then they are definitely a good choice.

Monitoring Packages

Picking the right Setup:

services plans and packages

  • All of the above packages do include 24/7 professional monitoring.
  • 2-Way Voice technology is included with all of their landline or cellular monitoring system. This enables a direct link between the monitoring station and your keypad.
  • The eSecure App works with any smart device or smartphone (iOS or Android available) and will allow remote access to your system at all times. With the app you can arm, disarm, setup your notifications and stream live video (if you have a surveillance camera setup).
  • With the Video package, customers can add some smart home automation features like remote door locks, remote lighting and even appliances.
  • Protection 1 also offers Medical Alert Alarms that are with you at all times and will call for help at the push of a button.
  • You must call for an accurate price as their pricing online does not have anything set in stone.


Secure Plan – $34.99/month

What you get:

  • break-in protection
  • Fire and CO2 sensors
  • Environmental and life safety
  • Crisp color touch-screen main control panel
  • 3 door or window sensors
  • 1 motion sensor
  • 1 key fob
  • 1 yard sign along with 3 window decals
  • A battery backup
  • 5-day weather forecast (this is also used to help predict the temperatures your house should be kept at)
  • Crash and Smash Protection (Advanced Protection Logic)

Secure Plus – $44.99/month

  • Everything listed above, plus two-way voice and cellular communication
  • No landline is required to function

Smart Control – $49.99/month

  • All of the above features
  • Mobile and web control via their app
  • Email and text alert notifications
  • Image motion sensor (takes a picture when motion is detected and can send it to you via text or e-mail)
  • Geo-fencing (for example, this will give your system the ability to turn off the lights when you leave the geo-fence you specified around your home)
  • Smart Thermostat automation
  • Lock automation
  • Remote light and smart appliance automation

Video – $54.99/month

  • Everything listed above plus:
  • Mobile or web portal access to your own personal video surveillance
  • Indoor, night-vision capable surveillance camera

Protection 1 does offer a good variety of plans to their customers. These packages range from the basic home security needs which does require a landline phone, to state-of-the-art technology in smart home automation that uses a much better cellular means of communication that can be remotely controlled from any smart device. They also have a brand new DIY system setup for those looking into self-installation.

equipment and devices

Every package includes one basic color touch-screen main keypad with a battery backup. Like all alarm systems, the keypad will serve as your central hub for all your equipment and monitoring. If you decide to add some home automation features, the main keypad will also act as your smart home hub. The keypad they use is made by a very reputable and well trusted brand. I, along with many customers, can vouch that it is an intuitive and super reliable piece of equipment. Oh yea, it also has an integrated siren that goes off well over 100dB.

All of their packages will include 3 door or window sensors, a motion sensor and 1 key fob. Going with the Smart Control plan will add an additional image motion sensor to your devices. The image sensor is quite different from the regular motion sensors as I outlined above. Although both sensors will monitor for motion, only the image sensor includes a built-in camera that will take a picture and send it to you if you request it. You can also access this snapshot using the mobile app so you can determine if the event is an emergency or just a false alarm.

Purchasing any additional equipment you want is usually pretty easy. They sell a ton of additional stuff such as a wireless keypad, carbon monoxide detector, medical/emergency button, fire sensor, freeze sensor, remote garage door controller, indoor pan/tilt adjustable surveillance camera, remote lighting and appliance control, outdoor surveillance camera, remote door-lock, remote thermostat controller, smoke and fire detector, water and flood sensors and even a new wireless doorbell.

They provide phone support for their full line of equipment but if a problem cannot be solved over the phone, you will need a tech to come out to your house. They call this their “Extended Service Plan”. This will cost you approximately $9 to $15 extra per month, depending upon the scale and setup of your alarm system.

What About Home Automation?

protection 1 security mobile appThey have been around for nearly 27 years and continue to evolve with modern technology. Both their Smart control and video services are all 100% wireless. Like I mentioned earlier, they also use a safer cellular signal so customers never need to worry about the internet going down or having a landline cut.

Protection 1 actually has recently ditched their old mobile app and home automation services in turn for something better. Their very own e-Secure app wasn’t doing so well, even with the updates they released. Now they have decided to switch over to the home automation and security experts at consistently remains one of the top-rated apps in the whole entire alarm industry and they support virtually all smart devices including Android, iOS devices, Blackberry, and even Windows smartphones. Better yet, they actually offer apps for the Apple Watch, Pebble, and smart TV’s like the Kindle Fire TV. They use the industry standard Z-Wave technology to automate all the locks, lights, energy, and appliances.

All of this is combined with their awesome geo-services which help make this technology even smarter. The geo-services allow you to create rules based upon your location in contrast to your setup. Let’s say during the winter you want the temp to increase when you leave the house for work and go back down once you arrive home. This technology has the ability to do this for you automatically.

With the right package, you can receive all of these services:

  • Geo-Services
  • Rule-based home automation
  • Real-time text notifications
  • Streaming live surveillance footage
  • Record and store video clips in the cloud
  • Fire, Smoke, Flood and CO2 Detection
  • Easy Energy Monitoring
  • Garage Door Automation

What Makes Them Different?

10-second guarantee: Protection One claims to answer your phone call within 10 seconds every time. No robots or automated systems involved.

Both DIY and Professional installation options:  In March of 2014, they launched their Do-It-Yourself system. This brings the installation fee down to $0, BUT you do get a downgraded main control panel compared to the professional installation. If you are solely looking into DIY systems, you should definitely give Frontpoint a look.

Professional Techs:  It seems a lot of companies these days are hiring tech’s that don’t know what their doing. Protection One takes this position seriously and does a background check before hiring anyone for the job. I will say that landing a tech job is much easier with Vivint than it is with this company.

Landline Service: For the few remaining people out there that still use a landline you can actually get a discount on your monitoring cost by connecting your setup through your home phone line. But it should be noted that virtually all companies are transitioning to solely using cellular communication means.

Lack Of Transparency With Pricing

In regards to the availability of pricing alarm systems, companies are either very upfront about their costs or are very uninformative and secretive. Unfortunately, they are one of the more difficult companies to deal with in terms of getting a concrete price estimate without calling their customer support. Having to contact them just to speak to a representative can be a little bit of a hassle when you’re doing some online comparison shopping.

Customer Service Reviews

protection one careers

Like I mentioned in the very beginning, they do try to separate themselves apart from other companies with their customer service and support. It is no surprise that most new and existing customers love that their is no automated phone systems, they provide real customer service representatives with extremely short wait times. If readily available customer service and immediate responses are important to you, Protection 1 is definitely worth a shot. They also offer many types of support such as:

Live Chat: Available on their website for future or current customers.

Tech Support: Any questions you have regarding app or mobile control or general setup questions will be quickly taken care of.

Online Video Tutorials:  They do feature a blog loaded with video tutorials that cover a wide range of topics.

How-To Guides:  They also provide some simple, easy to understand guides on how to operate your alarm system.

Protection 1: Final Summary and Review

  • They DO engage in social media quite a bit compared to other companies
  • Large amount of positive online reviews and of course, an A+ Rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau, Wichita, KS)
  • Z-Wave technology for smart home automation.
  • DIY or Professional Installation with super easy to understand guides and tutorials.
  • They currently offer a 14-day trial package that does require a restocking fee if you cancel
  • Early termination will require 100% of your remaining balance to be paid in full
  • They sometimes run promotions but they often require you to sign a 58-month service agreement
Protection One: Let’s Compare
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