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Reviewed by: Kyle Wood
Updated: 06/2/2017

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simplisafe2 best reviews

+ Monitoring stations are UL-Certified Potential long hold times for customer service
Dedicated Cellular Defense– Keypad wireless range is short
Power Outage Protection – Price for accessories can add up
Unbeatable 24/7 Monitoring
No commitment

If you want to keep your house and family simply safe you need a home protection system. There are a lot of options out there though, how can you know which one is the best? This is definitely one of the best and cheapest home security devices on the market today. Not only is this kit affordable but the monthly costs are cheap (if you even decide to get monitoring). Let’s take a look at all of the benefits and features:

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SimpliSafe reviews

What Does it Come With?

It can be bought in a variety of different packages. The standard package is an eight-piece package. It comes with the base station, a keypad, a remote control, four door/window sensors, and a motion sensor. There are a few other packages on the market that you can find at various retailers.

They also offers a complete package on their website that comes with over $500 worth of equipment to protect your home. Don’t worry, though, they recognize that it isn’t one shoe fits all sizes. The system is completely expandable. That means that you may add or remove devices as you need.

Devices include:SimpliSafe2 Features Overview and Reviews

  • Base Station
  • Wireless Keypad
  • Keychain Remote
  • Motion Sensors
  • Entry Sensors
  • Panic Buttons
  • Extra Sirens
  • Smoke Detectors
  • CO Detectors
  • Water Sensors
  • Freeze Sensors
  • Yard/Window Signs

The basic package includes 4 door/window sensors, 1 motion sensor, the base unit, a key chain remote and a wall keypad. This gives you the ability to secure 2 doors and 2 windows. There really isn’t a need to put a sensor on every single door and window and besides that would cost upwards of $1,000 if you wanted to do that.

SimpliSafe2 Reviews: Main Components

Siren/Alarm – The system includes a simply safe alarm within the base station that is 85 decibels loud. It is for internal use only and is unlikely to scare off any intruder as 85 decibels isn’t horribly loud, maybe the equivalent of a blow dryer.

Their external siren is 4 times louder than the one included inside the base station unit.   This will be loud enough to wake up the neighbors and scare the intruder off.  The siren sets up easy on the side of home or ontop, very resistant to weather but it is recommended to place it so it is not getting rained on constantly.  **Please check with your local authorities and city if external sirens are allowed.  While these used to be popular and allowed they have since not allowed them in most cities throughout USA.**

Panic Button – When you push this nifty little button it will immediately trigger the alarm and contact the authorities.

Carbon Monoxide Sensor – This common sensor detects hazardous levels of this deadly gas and will warn you with an alert and you will receive a call or text to alert you.

Water Sensor – This unique sensor will notify you if it comes in contact with water. This can help detect leaking pipes and roofs.

Freeze Sensor – Just like it sounds, this sensor will alert you if your temp drops below 41 degrees. View temperature readings online.

Glass Break Sensor – This cool little gadget can actually detect the sound of glass being broken in a room.

One of the main useful features of SimpliSafe is that it is totally wireless. The range of the sensors is around 500 feet but thick walls may reduce the range slightly.

All alerts are sent to the monitoring station over the cellular networks of either T-mobile or Verizon. It can be plugged into the internet or phone line as a backup if you are worried about poor reception. The base unit will first attempt the cellular network and if that fails, it will try the Wi-Fi or landline connection.

How Does SimpliSafe Communicate?

The base station runs the show. It talks to all other devices via a wireless connection. That means you don’t have to worry about running wires and as long as your house isn’t a mansion you shouldn’t have any issues with connectivity.

To transfer data between the device and the company depend on a cellular connection. By relying on a cell phone connection instead of a phone line you don’t need to install any new cables or connections to your house. It also means that there are no wires to be cut by burglars.

Setting up the DIY Alarm

3 different ways one can get it up and running:

  • Use the keypad to arm the alarm as you leave and you will have a 30 second window to leave.
  • You may also set it with the included key chain remote. There is also a panic button which will set the alerts off if you are in danger and the button is pressed.
  • Two modes – away and home. ‘Away’ mode arms all the equipment including motion detectors. The at-home setting shuts off the motion sensors but leave’s all other sensors online unless the settings change to users preference.

And of course, you have the Simplisafe app which is capable of doing all the things listed above conveniently from your smart phone.

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Other Features:

There are plenty of other features and here are the most important extra features.

Another awesome safety feature is that if your power happens to go out your main device will last for up to 2 days with just the backup batteries.  All the other equipment runs on batteries with an even longer battery life.

The setup is designed to be set up by one person who has no special training. Anyone can set it up, it’s easy and quick. For most people the install is down in under fifteen minutes. There is no special wiring, no complex programming, and nothing difficult.

simplisafe2 equipment reviews

Mobile connectivity is a must in today’s world. Everyone expects devices that you are able to interact with in some way via your phone or tablet. It has plenty of connectivity. You can pull up the individual devices, such as the temperature from the freeze alert. You may also set it to notify you if there are any incidents or even whenever the alarm is armed and disarmed by specific people. Always being informed is a good feeling and it adds an extra level of safety to your life.

There are two different modes: the home mode and the away mode. When you activate this mode only the exterior alarms are activated. That means motion sensors won’t go off as you walk around the house. The away mode arms every device in the house is activated. Should anyone or anything walk by the sensors they will alert the company.

The devices that are connected are wireless so they run off batteries. The lithium-ion batteries that power the SimpliSafe system last up to five years. That means that should there be a power outage your device won’t lose connectivity. Replacing these batteries only takes seconds. The base station itself runs off a wall plug. A rechargeable battery is charged by the wall plug and in the case of a power outage the battery takes over.

Why Isn’t there a SimpliSafe Camera?

During this review I realized they are lacking one major thing that most systems come with currently, a camera. Without a camera, the system doesn’t allow the monitors to see into the house. However, it isn’t the worst thing in the world, far from it. Many people who purchase alarm systems with cameras on it find that the footage is stored with the company and that means that they lose it when they discontinue the service. It also means that can’t do with it as they please. The best surveillance camera is one that you have full control over and there are many options on the market.

Other than lacking a camera the SimpliSafe simple security system comes with just about everything you could need to start protecting your house.

How Much Does SimpliSafe Cost?

The base price depends on which package you purchase. The standard package cost $299.99. The more devices that you add, the more it will cost. Each retailer prices the system slightly different.

Unlike many of the competitors, they don’t charge a smaller amount for the system then a large amount for the monthly fees. The monthly fees are $14.99. That includes all services that come with live monitoring. The cellular connection for the base station is included in that fee. Most companies tack the cellular connection or landline connection on as an additional fee.

simplisafe2 cost plans packages reviews

Standard – Costs $14.99 per month and you get central monitoring and notification 24/7 but will not receive text or E-mail alerts.

Alert – Cost $19.99 per month. Combined with the standard features you also get text/E-mail notifications of alarms and when someone enters your home

Interactive – Cost $24.99 per month. In addition to the Alert features you get unlimited access to your whole system remotely with your mobile device using the app.

If your not worried about the alarm notifying law enforcement you may use it without even paying for the monitoring service. It will lose the ability to call out, send notifications, or do anything besides alert locally. This may be the right option for someone who only wants an alert for when they are present.

If the monthly cost is a problem for you then you should speak with your homeowners or renters insurance. Many insurance companies want you to have this because it means they are less likely to have to pay for items being stolen or damaged, as such, they provide a discount to those people that do have these services. The SimpliSafe coupon usually isn’t large but with a monthly price of $14.99 that $2-$7 off a month can start to make a huge difference.

The Benefits of Monitored Alarm

A monitored alarm is the best option for those that want an extra secure home. Monitoring means that there are actual people who see when there is an alert from your device. Depending on the alert and your account, the company can either notify you, law enforcement, or the fire department. Should anything happen, you know that there is more than you that system relies on.

Where Can you Buy SimpliSafe?

Best deal available here >>

When it comes to purchasing this product you have quite a lot of options on where to shop. The foremost option for most buyers will be Amazon or the Amazon Marketplace. Both options have pretty low prices and depending on which seller you buy from, free shipping. Some options have Amazon Prime Shipping available too!

You can buy it from online stores – not just at SimpliSafe.  This is a special feature from them, any other company you have to go directly to them and speak to a sales agent.
While the manufacturer doesn’t have any physical shops you can still purchase directly from the manufacturer. Another benefit to ordering from the manufacturer is that you can customize the kit that you get. They have a way that allows you to pick and choose which devices you want to add to your kit. That means you can fully protect your house, no matter how big or small it is. Occasionally, they will run promotions such as 10% off, so keep an eye out.

If you are the kind of person that likes to feel and see products in person before you buy, it is available at Best Buy and other major electronic retailers. You can check on the retailer’s website to see if they have the item in stock at the store then visit to get a sense of whether you like it or not.

SimpliSafe2 App Reviews

Staying safe has never been easier, you might say it’s simply safe. Having a device that is simply safe gives homeowners a peace of mind and allows them to go on about their everyday activities. With a low price and a low monthly cost, there isn’t really and decision to be made, the SimpliSafe system is one of the best on the market.

simplisafe app best reviews

Screenshot of the Simplisafe Control App

Bloated prices doesn’t always give you better protection. SimpliSafe guards your house with the highest caliber protection available, U.L.-certified monitoring. Most companies charge you three times as much for the exact same technology and monitoring.

My ‘Simpli’ Summary

This is definitely a great system and has a number of desirable features. It is super easy to install and you can set it up however you want it. The system is durable and at an affordable price you have the options to expand it as you wish all the way up to 41 sensors to get full coverage of your residence.

For SimpliSafe to make a bigger splash in the home security industry I believe they would need: Cameras to stay up to date with the latest trends and give owners more control of their home. If you are looking for something with more automation capabilities I suggest Vivint.

The monitoring service does give you a very responsive system for the price. Overall, it offers a great level of protection at an affordable price with unbeatable cellular coverage and it’s battery backup.

More information in regards to SimpliSafe available at Alarm Reviews.

SimpliSafe2 Review
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